Dress, Perfected

thedressI recently fell back in love with dresses. I’m not sure when or why I fell out of love, but at some point it became much easier to wear tops and bottoms. Now that I’m in love again, I can’t quite fathom why I haven’t always worn dresses. 


How did I fall back in love? I went into Jeremys Department Store in San Francisco one day looking for something -- who knows what. That’s not a usual haunt for me, or typical shopping behavior. But I walked in, looked around and snagged a dress that was in a print featuring my favorite acid green. Even better, it was an Alberta Ferretti, which, at full price, is out of my comfort zone. It needed a belt, but otherwise was the perfect dress for me. The salesperson was taken aback when I came out of the tiny dressing room to get a better look. She went off to find a belt, and while waiting for her, I discovered pockets. Yes, this dress, that felt like it was made for me, had side pockets -- which were completely camouflaged so no one else would ever notice they were there. At this point I was in a swoon. I grabbed the dress and hurried to the register before I could question my purchase.


This dress truly showed its stuff when I was in New York a couple of years later. I forgot to pack the lower half of most of the outfits I  intended to bring. It was hot, so a sleeveless dress that skimmed without grabbing was just what I needed. I wore that dress, in comfort, to a matinee performance of Master Class with Tyne Daley, followed by an afternoon of drinking, then dinner. I wore it shopping, out to a fancy lunch, and to another dinner. We hit the Met, got on and off the subway, and in and out of cabs. 


The dress was perfect. I got compliments on it, dealt quite well with the East Coast heat, and forgot that I was wearing the same thing over and over again.



Thought This Might Be of Interest

abramson1. Jill Abramson speaks up -- and out.  Former New York Times executive editor Jill Abramason, the first woman to hold that job at a newspaper known as The Grey Lady, spoke candidly with Cosmopolitan magazine about being ousted from her job. "I'm not ashamed of getting fired," she said. "When I was managing editor, for the first time the masthead [the list of top editors at the Times] was half women, but it was because they were great and they deserved it. I am totally proud of that. A couple of times I had to explain that to men."

2. Progress for clerical women. The Anglican church ruled this week that women can become bishops. Women have been ordained as Anglican priests for 20 years, but a proposal to allow them to become bishops failed as recently as two years ago. The ruling includes a provision for congregations that object to a woman bishop “on theological grounds” to petition for an alternate. (I guess it doesn’t sound good to say you object to a woman bishop because you’re a sexist). The first woman bishop is expected to be appointed this year.

3. Weird Al on grammar. Weird Al Yankovic released a few new videos this week to promote his latest album. Our favorite: ishis parody of Robin Thicke's "Blurred Lines," which takes on grammatical blunders. "Word Crimes" aims to educate us about the difference between fewer and less, why 'I could care less' actually means you do care, and why you shouldn't use quotations for emphasis. There's also a riff on Oxford commas. Fun stuff!


Photo of Jill Abramson courtesy of wikimedia commons


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